Awareness campaigns for organizations using printed T-shirts

Working in non-profit organizations can prove to be a difficult and challenging job. Money is usually scarce, as these foundations usually resort to private or public donations. However, awareness campaigns are absolutely necessary, because these attract donations, offering the organization in question the power to continue its work. Everyone knows that raising awareness is a marketing strategy, highly effective for all types of businesses, but these end up costing a bit. Coming back to the core of the problem, more specifically to the small budgets these organizations have, it is simple to assume that money will be used wisely. One of the simplest and most popular strategies is that of using printed T-shirts. With the help of a dedicated company like  and a bit of creativity, you could really stir things up in your society, making people talk about your work, raising the interest. Here are three ways you could definitely put these T-shirts to good use.

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Cycling marathon

People love to cycle their way through town. The bicycle has really turned into a popular means of travel, being also eco-friendly. When saying marathon, people expect to hear about the steps one ought to complete in order to host such an event. This time, it might be wise to mention that marathon doesn’t exactly refer to a large scale event, as this would end up costing a bit. Since the goal is to create effective campaigns with as little money as possible, your cycling marathon should look more like a bike trip with a lot of friends in the park. You would all be dressed the same, in the printed T-shirts, carrying your logo and maybe a few words, regarding your goal as an association. Taking part in trips of this kind several times, the results are bound to appear.

Taking part in fairs

Fairs are great public attractions and it is the public you need. Whether you are an animal welfare association or a child support organization, you need to make the public aware of your existence, familiarize it with your goals and philosophy. So, take your printed T-shirts and go straight to the fair. Here you will find plenty of people, some of them eager to hear about your work. If you have products to sell to raise money for your cause, then bring them with. If not, then at least use your time at the fair to talk to as many people as possible.

Seasonal events

Summer is here, temperatures are high and there is nothing better than a fresh, cool lemonade. Contact volunteers, offer them a printed T-shirt and make up your own lemonade stand. Offer passers-by a glass of lemonade, while telling them a bit about your association. You would be surprised what a refreshing glass of lemonade can do in a hot, hot summer day.

Hopefully, these ideas will prove to be of some help to you. Considering that your biggest expense is the actual printing of T-shirts, you should be able to put together a few events, managing to raise awareness without great difficulty and cost.


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