Are kitchen gifts the wrong choice for a woman?

It’s very hard to choose the right gift for a woman, whether you are a man or a fellow woman yourself, because they are incredibly versatile and the options are limitless. In addition, the choice of gift always depends on a variety of factors, such as the nature of your relationship with the recipient, the occasion that requires the gift, the moment in time when the gift is being given and so on. It can be very confusing and overwhelming. If you check out the Internet, you will notice that there are many resources that mention kitchen gifts, but I was never quite reassured that these make a great choice for women. Do they send the wrong message, such as “you belong in the kitchen”? Are they too impersonal? These questions always lingered in the back of my head.

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Well, the more I looked for answers, the more I realised that kitchen gifts are as versatile as women and they don’t necessarily send any one message. Of course, if this is your first Valentine’s together or your first wedding anniversary, giving a woman a ladle is a poor choice of a gift, but other than that, a fun or cool kitchen gadget can work in any occasion. If the recipient is your mother, then there is no headache in finding something really cool to make her life easier in the kitchen. Even if she doesn’t cook, there are still neat gadgets she can make use of, such as funny shaped ice cube forms, silicon mould toast shapes, as tasting some bread is not cooking and everyone does it, and other such things. These also work for friends or co-workers and since they are not used for actual cooking, they cannot send the wrong message to a woman. On the other hand, if the recipient is your wife or girlfriend, then your gift should be a little bit more romantic, such as egg shapes in the form of hearts or toast prints that say I love you or even personalised wine glasses or wine coolers that say Happy Anniversary or whatever message you want.


In fact, the actual matter of you being able to personalise almost every one of the myriad of kitchen gifts that there are makes them so not the wrong choice for a woman. Women love to feel special and individually thought of, which is why buying a gift for them is so difficult in the first place. By giving a woman a personalised gift, whether with her name on it or a special dedication, will prove her that you went the extra mile in making the gift especially for her and that you thought of her strongly enough to make that effort. It’s a very nice touch and it will certainly take the heat off in case you actually buy something she doesn’t like at all.


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