Appointment scheduling software – serving both sides of the market

How many times have you tried to get an appointment at a hair salon and couldn’t find an empty slot? How many times have you missed an appointment because you’ve made it so far in advance, as to avoid not finding an available slot, that you completely forgot about it? How many times did your salon mix up your appointment or services requested? These annoying situations are no strangers to women frequently resorting to hair salon services, but there is now an answer to all of it. Everyone has heard by now about salon management apps, but what many fail to see is that they aren’t just a great support for salon owners and managers, but can also come in handy to clients, a good example being the appointment scheduling software from MyCuts, which makes everything a lot easier and more streamlined for both sides of the market.

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Advantages for the salon

As a salon owner or manager, the benefits of such software are quite obvious. On the one hand, you’ve got a great appointment scheduling app that keeps all your bookings organized, helps you manage time frames better and therefore human resources better and allows you to spend less time doing so and more time attending to clients. This will do wonders for your productivity and your client retention rate, which all leads to increased revenue. On the other hand, you’ve got software that allows you to create email marketing campaigns, client profiles and appointment reminders, minimizing the number of no shows, increasing referrals and boosting positive feedback.

Another great advantage of this type of app for a salon is that it has an inventory tracking feature, which allows you to better manage inventory. Keeping a balance between not over spending on stock and never risking going out of stock can be difficult in a field where each service relies on different quantities of products, but with the help of client profiles and a history of services, you’ll be able to better assess your stock needs.

Advantages for the clients

Going to a salon that has implemented such software into their daily operations has certain benefits for you, as a client, as well. First, there is the appointment reminders feature. You’ll be able to get texts or emails reminding you of your appointment, not just the date and time, but also the service requested, and you will be able to confirm or cancel the appointment right then and there. Secondly, you can opt to receive marketing emails, which will inform you of any discounts or offers, any new packages or services provided, so that you can enjoy a full spectrum of services from the salon and sometimes get the best deal. Not only that, but, as mentioned above, these apps have the ability to create client profiles, which means your stylist will have a full history of your services, everything you had done, everything you liked or disliked, thus being able to offer you a highly personalized service. You’ll feel special and pampered, which is exactly what you’d want from a visit to the salon.


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