Appliances that Help You Save Time When Doing House Chores

Modern life can be quite hectic. After all the hours of washing, cooking and cleaning, you soon realize that there’s no time left to do all the things you love or to spend some time with your family. So why waste those precious moments when there are many useful and practical appliances that can help you cut down on the cleaning and cooking time. Here’s a list of the most efficient household appliances.

Beko WM85135LW washing machine

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When it comes to choosing the right washing machine, you have to look after practical features such as a large load capacity, fast wash options or LCD display. An efficient washing machine that has all these features is the Beko. We like the Beko washing machine because it can drastically reduce time by washing more clothes in a single load. You can actually wash up to 40 shirts in a single wash. Furthermore, the fast and full load feature will help you cut more time. Once you choose this function, the washing cycle will be done in just 39 minutes. The 14 minute program can be set for up to 2 kg of laundry, in case you are in a rush.

Bosch SMS58T22GB dishwasher

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There are countless dishwashers on the market, but not all of them are worth your money. In order to discover the best dishwashers, we did some research by reading countless reviews and comparing various products. We came to the conclusion that the Bosch SMS58T22GB dishwasher is one of the best choices. We found the reviews on very helpful in making our choice and if you plan on buying a new dishwasher, we advise you to visit that website for research purposes. A good dishwasher, such as the Bosch SMS58T22GB allows you to save time when cleaning the house. We like that this dishwasher has enough room for over 100 items, so you can easily wash your dishes at once. This dishwasher is a great choice for a large family. The plates and kitchen utensils are washed in just 9 minutes but you can also reduce the wash time by 50% if you want to have clean dishes in a short period of time. Also, this dishwasher has a quiet washing cycle, so you can continue with your daily activities without being bothered by the noise.

Zanussi ZCV66330BA self-cleaning oven

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Cleaning the oven can be quite troublesome and time consuming. So why not consider replacing your traditional oven with a self-cleaning one? We like the Zanussi ZCV66330BA oven because it offers a great advantage. This oven is designed to clean itself while cooking food. This is called a “catalyc oven”. The Zanussi ZCV66330BA reduces the build-up of grease by absorbing the leftover residue and oxidizing it when the temperature reaches 200°C. All you have to is to wipe the dirt away with a cloth. This way, you won’t have to spend time cleaning the oven with detergents or run a separate washing cycle, as in the case of other types of ovens.


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