Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Analyzing some Anna Faris plastic surgery before and after pictures we can notice some big differences in the way she looks, especially around her chest area. During one of her interviews, the actress declared that she decided to use cosmetic surgery after she got separated from her husband. Furthermore, she said that she felted the need to celebrate the fact that she was single again, so she decided to go under the knife in order to enhance her aspect and enjoy life as much as possible.

It seems that people have different ways of getting over a divorce. There are individuals who prefer to sink in their work, and there are persons who can’t wait to take advantage of the fact that they are single again, so they do whatever they can to rediscover themselves. We believe that everyone should move on using any method that works to get over this type of problems. It seems that Anna Faris, one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood, decided to use medical support in order to improve her image and move on with her life.

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Breast augmentation procedure

The first thing that Anna wanted to change about her aspect was the size of her bust. The celebrity believed that her chest area didn’t match the rest of her body, so she got a breast augmentation in order to solve that problem. There are many Anna Faris plastic surgery before and after photos which prove that she made a good choice, because the star’s breasts have a perfect shape now, and they suit her very well. Based on many experts’ opinion, she made a smart decision when she decided to opt for a natural look, because the results of her plastic intervention are very subtle, which is something that not many Hollywood celebrities can be proud of.

Botox injections

After looking at some Anna Faris plastic surgery before and after images, we can notice that the actress doesn’t show any aging signs. Moreover, based on the fact that she is 38 years old, and most of the women her age have to deal with wrinkles and other inconveniences, we can safely assume that Anna is using Botox treatment in order to look the way she does. Her skin is very smooth and shiny, and her entire aspect is fresh and youthful, so we can only admire her for having the ambition to look good in front of the cameras, even when she has passed a certain age.

Which are the plastic interventions that she claims she never had?

According to her sayings, Anna never had chin implants. Furthermore, she claims that people can change their face shape using makeup tricks, and that is why probably there are opinions according to which she used chin implants to achieve a better look. So, it appears that Anna can be very open about cosmetic enhancements, which means that she doesn’t want to mislead her fans and audience.


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