All you need to know about mineral makeup

Are you looking for makeup products that make your skin glow? Well, you should know that on the market you could find mineral-based cosmetics that are considered healthier than the traditional products everyone is using. The origin of mineral makeup should be looked back in the past, because the ancient Egyptians are the ones who developed mineral cosmetics. Nowadays we are talking about an expanded industry that is using kohl, oxidized copper or ash for eyeliner, and herbaceous oils for masking odors. Back in the past makeup had the role to protect the skin from the harsh wind and sun and to promote health and beauty. In the last years, makeup brands use science and technology to develop advanced products, and if some of the companies prefer to use synthetic chemicals to make makeup, the respected brands of the world consider that the natural route is the best one to help their customers have a healthy and beautiful skin.

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Mineral makeup help your skin have a natural glow

The pigment foundations made from minerals include only fine pigments and they contain ingredients as talc that leave your skin with a glowing finish and absorb moisture. The pure pigments from the flytende mineralsminke blend with the natural oils of the skin, and melt into it, offering you a gorgeous and soft coverage. There are power foundations that are brushed onto the skin during the hot summer days and the power instantly turns liquid and leaves a pretty sheen on the skin.

Even if you have a dry skin, you can use mineral makeup

The majority of women do not use mineral makeup, because they consider that it is not suitable for their dry skin. Specialists state that minerals as zinc and magnesium encourage skin cell renewal and retain moisture, so the pigments will not dry out the skin. And if the woman who wants to use Mineralsminke has a super dry skin, then she can use the liquid or solid formula of the cosmetic products, because mineral makeup comes in a wide variety of options. Moreover, because the products contain pure ingredients women have the possibility to mix different textures and create one that suits their skin.

Mineral makeup does not lead to skin flares

There are persons who discovered a certain beauty product and they do not want to change it, and try something else, because they are afraid, they will experience skin irritations and flares. They simply do not like to venture into the unknown, because no woman wants to wake up in the morning and see that her face is irritated and red. However, mineral makeup does not produce this type of side effects, because it does not include talc and additives, so they will apply on the skin only the pure pigment. They are great beauty products for the persons with sensitive skin that have the tendency to react to ingredients as artificial colorants, fragrance and preservatives. Also, the majority of mineral makeup products include a non-irritating UV protection.


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