A guide to purchasing wedding lingerie

Weddings are some of the most magical moments that a woman could live or witness. As a bride, there are probably a million things going through your head when you’re planning the whole thing. There are invites to send, restaurant owners to talk to, colour themes to choose, wedding dress fittings…While you are pondering how to plan your wedding, the lingerie seems to be the least of your worries! But it’s not really like this and it does matter what you choose to wear underneath the wedding dress. Perhaps one of the most difficult things about this type of lingerie is that it has to match the wedding dress, not only in terms of colour, but also in terms of shape. Fortunately, you know what wedding dress you’ll wear, so you have plenty of time to look for tips and tricks and, of course, check out the trendiest and sexiest designs.

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Since you will be spending most of your day wearing a not so comfortable dress, you need so make sure that the bridal lingerie stays in place and that it doesn’t slip. If it’s not exactly the biggest sin to buy a cheaper bra every now and then, when it comes to lingerie for your wedding you should not make compromises. Therefore, try to save a few extra pounds, because this can really make a difference. After choosing the dress that you will wear, you can start looking for designs. If things aren’t that difficult when it comes to the bottoms, the top can be a bit more challenging. If the dress has straps, then you’re in luck, because you can buy your regular, comfy and supporting strap bra. However, if you have a strapless dress, like many brides do, you need to buy a strapless bra. This can be a bit tricky, because most bras slip and you have to spend the entire day lifting it. To make sure you your bra doesn’t fall off, you can buy one that has silicone lining on the top side. This way, it will stick on your skin and you can dance without worries. Try to avoid cheap silicon straps, because not only are they very obvious, but also uncomfortable when it gets hot.

If your wedding dress is tight and you want to show off your best silhouette, you can replace bras with basques. Not only do these look flattering on all body types, but also they are comfortable. If you’re worried that the strap will show up on photos, then you can buy strapless basques, which are easy to find in specialized stores. Feeling comfortable is not the only reason why you should take some time to research lingerie options and choose something that’s both beautiful and high quality. When you’re still drawing guidelines on how to plan your wedding, make sure you include time for choosing your wedding dress and wedding night lingerie; these are important details that will make your day special and memorable. You probably want to look very alluring on your first night as a wife, too. Fortunately, honeymoon lingerie stores are very well equipped and you always have plenty of options to choose from. If you want to save money, you can invest in a set with a bra, panties and tights or briefs. For an extra effect, add accessories such as lace masks, gloves, garters or belts.


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