90s Fashion Trends

90s fashion was a continuation of the previous years’ trends and there were a multitude of factors which influenced its evolution. Music had a decisive role regarding this matter and we have to remember that grunge and alternative rock were very popular those days. That helped on promoting the idea of simple and casual clothes.

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90s fashion was that which introduced the idea of body piercings and tattoos. It was used as a nonconformist approach who offered a casual look instead of an elaborated one. People started to wear more jeans, t-shirts and gym pants instead of elegant outfits. Anyhow, it seems that we need to get ready for a 90s fashion comeback because it might be possible to see teenagers on the streets wearing the same type of outfits we used to wear when we were younger. Here are the trends that were very popular during that period of time:

  • In the early 1990s, women wore neon colors, trench coats and black leather jackets. They developed a taste for tight trousers and colored tights. The make-up trends included using a darker shade of lipstick, so if you want to recreate that image, you can do it by applying the lipstick with your fingers in order to obtain a grunge chic effect. The accessories used during this period were: cowboy boots, headscarves and mood rings. We are not sure that mood rings look that great, but think of them as conversation starters and maybe you will make some new friends.
  • The minimalist style continued to exist throughout the late 1990s, too. Floral skirts, short necklaces or chokers were items that you could find in everyone’s wardrobe. Alexander McQueen is the designer who created low waists on jeans which were then highly promoted by music videos or movie celebrities. However, we don’t recommend you this type of jeans because they are very uncomfortable and it’s complicated to choose them in order to fit. Another disadvantage they have is that sometimes they show more skin than one needs to see, especially when we are seated.

In America, the most popular accessories were big earrings, gold jewelry and fluorescent items. Oversized clothes such as t-shirts, sweaters and flannels were worn over sweat pants; meanwhile, babydoll dresses were worn with lace shorts. Next time you are going shopping, try to keep in mind that 90s fashion is making a comeback and buy some of the items that represent it the most if you want to remain in trend.


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